Our Objectives

The main Objective:

The main objective of the Association is to cooperate in the promotion and development of social security and matters related thereto in the sub region.

The Specific Objectives:

The specific objectives of the Association are to:-

                                i.            provide a forum for dialogue among all social partners so as to facilitate discussion on matters of common interest to members;

                              ii. encourage and assist, where possible, joint social security researches or other matters of interest to the Association or to her members;

                            iii.            avail opportunities for communication, dissemination of information, networking and partnership amongst members and other regional and international social security organizations;

                            iv.            establish contacts and encourage exchange of information and experiences amongst members;

                              v.            facilitate the promotion of social security awareness, professionalism and training.

                            vi.            cooperate and work closely with the Governments, regional and international organizations and other stakeholders in promoting social security development in the sub region;

                          vii.            encourage and promote settlement of disputes of a general nature affecting the collective interest of its members;

                        viii.            advise, lobby and advocate on policies, charters and legislations that have an impact on social security development in the sub region;

                             ix.            co-operate in the development of skills and competencies in the administration of social security.

                               x.            foster transparency, good governance, share expertise and application of best practices in the social security management and administration amongst its members;

                             xi.            promote the development of legal mechanism that will facilitate the harmonization of schemes benefits and qualifying criteria in order to facilitate cross border labour mobility; and

                           xii.            do all other things necessary or desirable in furthering the interests of its members.