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Irene Charles Isaka

is a holder of Doctorate degree (PhD) in Economics of the University of Dar-es-Salaam. Her Thesis titled “Social Security in Tanzania; System Adequacy and its fiscal Implication” (2017). 

Irene has a Master’s Degree of Economics specialized in Econometrics and Monetary Economics. She has a Bachelor degree in Economics specialized in Industrial economics; she holds a post graduate Diploma in Pension Fund investments, a diploma in Risk Management for Investment of Pension Funds and a diploma in Housing Finance. Irene is a Certified Pensions Analyst.


Irene is currently the Secretary General of East and Central Africa Social Security Association (ECASSA), the organization that oversee more than 21 social security institutions. 

Before this appointment, Irene worked as a Lecturer at the Institute of Finance Management (IFM) teaching Social Protection Financing, Social Protection Administration, Poverty and Inequality and social security Investments and Retirement Planning. 

Irene was the Director General of Social Security Regulatory Authority (SSRA) following the appointment by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania in 2010.  Under this capacity, Irene was able to set up systems and processes for the newly established Authority. With four major Directorates and four Units, Irene lead the review and harmonization of Legal and Regulatory Framework of social security sector in the country; actuarial valuations of all mandatory social Security schemes; Harmonization of investments of the social security funds; harmonization of benefits (Parametric reforms in 2014). Irene facilitated merging of five Pension Schemes in 2018. As the Regulator of the Social Security Sector She has supervised compliance through issuance of 13 Social Security Guidelines/Rules for the Social Security Sector. These guidelines enhanced effective and efficient operations of the social security sector. Hence, ensured members’ protection, good governance and sustainability of the social security sector.   She supervised the preparation and dissemination of social security reform program; social security extension strategy; communication strategy and facilitated public awareness program on social security matters at different levels including; policy makers, Legislators, Trade Unions, media, members of schemes and the public at large. During her reign, the country scored well both at the National level in terms reduction of implicit Pension Debt and reduction of Administrative costs. At an international level the country score well in IOPS assessments; as a result, SSRA scope ISSA innovation award and African Union Award.  At the corporate level, SSRA emerged a winner in Best Present Accounts, best Entity in Public Procurement; best managed MDA; best HIV/AIDS interventions Award; Best employer in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 under different categories. Irene represented the United Republic of Tanzania at the EAC as the chairperson of East African Pension Regulators, where she facilitated the establishment EAC Pension Policy, EAC Pension Strategic Plan and EAC Investments Policy, Irene has worked with Stanbic Bank (T) Ltd as Head of International Development Group (IDG), Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs) & the Public Sector. Her role among others, focused on IDG, NBFIs & Public Sector Client’s strategic direction and the long-term financial solutions; As well as identification of improvements and adaptations to existing systems and processes in order to ensure current and future viability of the IDG’s portfolio, NBFIs and Public sector in general. Prior to moving to Stanbic (T) Ltd, Irene spent 10 years in the Social Security Sector based at the National Social Security Fund and the Parastatal Pensions Fund as Investments manager. As Investments Manager, Irene was responsible for Investment portfolio that comprised of Real Estate, Equities and Fixed Income Assets (including Treasury Bills, Treasury Bonds, Corporate bonds, Fixed deposits (FDR), Commercial Papers(CP), Promissory Notes (PN), Term loans (TL), Syndicated Credit Facilities (SCF) and Special Lines of Credits (SLC)  to SACCOS. With broad experience in Investments Management, she was able in collaboration with consultants to develop various real estate products, Facilitate Loan syndications in the Agricultural and power Sectors; private placements and development of mortgage product for low cost housing schemes. Irene worked as Public Private Partnership Advisor to the Voluntary sector Health Program, the program, which was funded by the USAID. As a partnership advisor, she was involved the grants management processes to the NGOs, CBOs, FBOs and GROs in 32 Councils of the Mainland Tanzania where her main role was to formulate strategies that foster PPP between the Councils and NGOs, CBOs, FBOs and GROs. Irene was also an active member of Long Term Development Finance committee of the FSP project. This one of fundamental technical committees that expedited Second Generation Financial Sector Reforms under the Bank of Tanzania. She actively participated in the transformation of TIB to a development Bank, lease financing, and development of mortgage financing.