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09/06/2021 - 11/06/2021    
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DATE: 09th – 11th June 2021 

FEES: USD 300 Per Participant 


The provision of pension benefits to eligible recipients dates as far back as the first century B.C. with a long tradition of military pensions. The concept of ceasing to work in later life did not begin to spread to the rest of the workforce until the 19th century. Today, we think of a pension, in all the complexity of its different classes, as a series of payments to be made to workers after the end of their working years.

The pension schemes administration course is crucial for both workers of all walks of life, but more so for all staff of public and private pension schemes as well as life insurance schemes as a whole. The pension schemes administration course equips participants with knowledge and skills on the functioning and governance of different types of pension systems, including their legal, legislative and regulatory frameworks as well as financing systems and reforms.

The modules of this course are;


 This is a very detailed, comprehensive and intensive three -day course that covers five distinct modules to completion. The modules of the course are;

  1. PSA 01_Typology of Pension Schemes
  2. PSA 02_Design Options for Pension benefits
  3. PSA 03_Financing Systems of Pension Benefits
  4. PSA 04_Pension Delivery mechanisms – including issues of recruitment, compliance & benefit processing.
  5. PSA 05_Evolution of Pension Reforms: Case study of recent pension reforms in East Africa & Eastern Europe.

 NB: (i) the abbreviation PSA denotes “Pension Schemes Administration.”

(ii) the codes 01, 02……..denote the module number in the cognitive level.

(iii) the names that follow the codes are the typical module names in this course.



PSA 01 PSA 02 PSA 03 PSA 04 PSA 05
1.    Public Vs private pension schemes.

2.    Characteristics of DB, DC & NDC schemes.

3.    The conceptual framework of pension systems.

4.    Methods of protection in public pension schemes.

5.    Determining the retirement age.

6.    Methods of pension calculations.

1.    Main contingencies to be covered by the pension scheme.

2.    Benefits payable under each contingency.

3.    Eligible members of the pension scheme.

4.    Minimum qualifying conditions for each benefit payable under the scheme.

5.    Application of scheme’s legislations, policies + social security international standards.

1.    The expenditure patterns of a pension scheme.

2.    Contribution rates under different financial systems.

3.    Actuarial assessments.

4.    Techniques for adjusting pensions.

5.    Investing the pension Fund assets & tyypes of financial markets.

6.    Pensions & economic fluctuations.

1.    Mechanisms for enrolment of members and contribution collection.

2.    Challenges pertaining to the identification of recipients, and payment of benefits.

3.    How to factor in administrative costs.

4.    Different techniques for data administration to achieve data integrity.

5.    Legal and regulatory requirements for data governance.

6.    MIS for Pension Schemes.

7.    Data operational challenges and improvement strategies.

1.    The need for reform.

2.    Reform objectives.

3.    Evolution of the existing systems of pension & provident funds.

4.    Ongoing Reforms: case studies in East Aftica & Eastern Europe.


  • Senior Management, Board of Directors/Trustees and Directors,
  • First-line and middle level managers and technical and non-technical staff of both public and private organizations and professional bodies.
  • NGOs, Community Organizers & Informal sector operators.
  • Private individuals,


Registration for this course is currently open and will continue until 08th June 2021. Participants are required to complete registration at ECASSA website at http://…………..or through formal contacts in the below address.



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