Welcome To Ecassa

Since the establishment of ECASSA in March 2007, the Association has continued to experience
growth in areas of membership growth and service portfolio, increased resource levels, and
training and capacity building of member institutions and sector players.
We have participated in a number of social security debates and forums to influence policy
change and pursued strategic partnerships and collaborations towards social security development.
However, despite the achievements registered in the provision of social security in the
region, social security still faces a myriad of challenges such as limited coverage, weak policy
environment, adequacy, and benefits portability challenges.
In order to consolidate our immediate achievements and to strengthen ECASSA to continue
fostering cooperation and development of social security in the region, the Association has
formulated the 2013 – 2017 strategic plan to strengthen its capability and those of its
members in speeding up the realization of a comprehensive and all inclusive social protection
for East and central Africa.
Over this period, ECASSA will focus its energy and resources on growing its membership
through strengthened country structures; build its institutional capacity in terms of systems
and people capability; leverage, research and ICT in enhancing its policy advocacy agenda;
re-engineer its product/service portfolio and build credible partnerships.
It is against this expectation that provision is made in the plan for all stakeholders to have a
common understanding of the new strategic thrust of the association. It is envisaged that
shared strategic purpose will guarantee ownership and high stakeholders’ involvement in
promoting ECASSA’s interests and goals. I am counting on your invaluable support in driving
ECASSA’s mandate.
The 5th ARSPC focuses on some of the persistent challenges facing social security growth
in Africa. It is our hope that the Kigali conference will provide an African solution to these

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